Contracts and Business Law

You pay no legal fees to us if we do not assist you in getting some compensation or recovery as we agree should we accept your case. The Law Offices of James J. Stone has counseled both small, local businesses and large, global corporations on all types of business transactions in Hawaii. We assist new businesses with entity formation and help established businesses with virtually every type of transaction. We have a broad range of experience which allows us to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation, whether they are seeking in-house counsel or outside counsel and representation. We provide our clients with quality legal representation at affordable rates.

Contracts and Business Transactions

Companies make use of contracts in every aspect of business, whether dealing with customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, or distributors. If a contract is poorly-worded or not executed properly, it can cause disputes later on that can lead to costly litigation which diverts time, attention and financial resources away from the core function of the business. We prepare contracts that are designed to avoid future litigation and protect the interests of our clients.

We assist our clients with the negotiating, drafting, and review of contracts in a variety of transactions, including:

  • Buy-sell stockholder agreements
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Employment contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Service contracts

Entity Formation

Choosing the right entity within which to operate your business is a significant decision, with implications for how the business and its owners are taxed and paid, the personal liability exposure of the owners, how the business is managed and controlled, and how ownership can be transferred, sold, or dissolved. We provide professional advice on the entity which will best meet your needs and goals, with careful consideration given to all of the applicable factors.

Businesses can be formed in a variety of ways in Hawaii, including corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships. In addition to advising our clients on the appropriate choice of entity for their new business, we prepare and file the proper documents with Hawaii’s Business Registration Division (BREG) to register the new entity, and are available to provide comprehensive support and counsel regarding any future business transactions.

Experienced Representation in Business Transactions

James J. Stone has over 30 years of experience in contract law and business transactions and formation in Hawaii. For professional legal services based on knowledge, skills and decades of experience in business law, contact the Law Offices of James J. Stone.