Personal Injury Newsletters

Alienation of a Spouse’s Affections

Under the common law, there existed a tort for the alienation of a spouse’s affections. Although most states have enacted statutes that have abolished the tort, there are approximately nine states that permit such a tort action to be brought against a third party.

Federal Teacher Protection Act — Applicability

The federal Teacher Protection Act (TPA) applies to teachers, instructors, principals, administrators, school board members, and other educational professional or nonprofessional employees who work in a school and are called upon to maintain discipline or ensure safety.

Interference with a Premarital Relationship

Although there have been causes of action in the past for breach of a promise to marry, which causes of action were based on contract law, there has never been a cause of action in tort for alienation of affections with regard to an engaged person or for sexual intercourse with an engaged person.

Liability of an Air Carrier for Providing Medical Assistance to a Passenger

Federal law does not require air carriers to provide medical assistance to passengers.

State Laws Regarding Recreational Boating Accidents

State laws govern lawsuits regarding recreational boating accidents only if federal laws and the general maritime law do not apply. Federal laws and the general maritime law may apply to a lawsuit even if the lawsuit is filed in a state court. However, if a plaintiff waives the federal laws or the general maritime law, the lawsuit will be governed by state laws.