Family Law Newsletters

An Overview of Voluntary Sterilization

There are various different methods of birth control available in the United States. One such method of birth control is voluntary sterilization. The process of sterilization is intended to be permanent in nature. In some instances sterilization may be reversed however reversal is not guaranteed once the sterilization process is completed. Sterilization may involve surgery and a hospital stay or may involve outpatient services.

Civil Harassment

Domestic violence cases involve a special relationship between the parties. The special relationship may be created by: (1) a family relationship, such as husband and wife; or (2) cohabitation, i.e., the parties live together. Civil harassment cases do not involve a special relationship between the parties. A civil harassment complaint may be filed against any person, even if that person is not a spouse or a cohabitant.

Fraud During a Marriage or Relationship and Transmissions of a Serious Disease

Many states have recognized a cause of action for fraud during a marriage or relationship. Specifically, some states have recognized a plaintiff’s claim that they were induced to have sex with a defendant based upon the defendant’s representations as to his health or fertility. The states that permit this claim on the basis that the plaintiff did not actually consent to having sexual relations with the defendant.

School Discipline and Remedies

If it is established that a student was improperly subjected to school discipline there are various types of actions that the student may take.

The Nursing Home Decision, Finding a Nursing Home, and the Cost

A nursing home is a facility that becomes a new home for an elderly person. The facility offers food, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, medical services, personal services, and recreational activities.
The decision to place the elder person in a nursing home facility can be very taxing on the family members. The decision is even more difficult if the elder is reluctant to residing in a nursing home facility.